If you’re reading this and you work for a busy agency, juggling a multitude of clients and a to-do list that grows by the minute, chances are you’ve experienced the same predicament as us. How do you prioritise your own brand when it’s your job to put all of your energy into amplifying that of your clients? The answer? It’s pretty hard.

Granted, we’re in a really fortunate position to do what we love, with the beauty, fashion and interiors brands we love, promoting products we love and be rushed off our feet doing it. However, given our growth and the expansion of our remit as an agency (we very much consider ourselves a multi-disciplinary comms agency thank you very much), we felt it was time to recalibrate as a company and finesse what we look like and what we stand for.

So what do we stand for?

In truth, it wasn’t difficult figuring this out. We stand for what we’ve always stood for: Hard work always. Passion for our industry and clients and of course, integrity above all else. If we don’t believe it will drive meaningful results across the board, we simply won’t do it.

With that said, we wanted to create some guiding principles to underpin how we work as an agency and shape what our culture looks like. This also acts as a useful criteria for anyone who is looking to partner with us, in any capacity, to check if we are a good match.

  1. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t do it for us or our clients. We treat all of our clients individually and scope out strategies that are completely bespoke to them because after all, what works for one account is never guaranteed to work for another. We are proud of our ability to get under the skin of each of our clients and curate tactics that are completely measurable and focused on driving results that matter.
  2. Produce with purpose. Do it right and do it once. We’re not afraid to interrogate a brief to ensure the tactics involved deliver the best results for our clients. Our goal is to ensure every piece of work we produce is purposeful and drives meaningful value- no matter how big the task. A well-executed strategy should be delivered once and delivered well, we don’t celebrate half measures and neither do our clients.
  3. People first. A happy tribe delivers the best results every time. We look after our own because we know a happy team facilitates the dream. Our culture is built around a team of empowered, enthusiastic Foxes that come to work with the same energy 5 days a week and are driven by delivering success for our agency.
  4. Results aren’t achieved in your comfort zone. We believe in pushing the boundaries and making noise to set our clients apart. It’s a crowded space out there and the only way to be seen and heard is by doing something different and doing it well. That’s where we excel.

The Fox Identity

As for our identity? We wanted something bold, creative, and elevated. Something that represents the direction of travel for Fox whilst still feeling unique to us and recognisable.

With the help of our talented creative team and partners, we’ve developed a look that encompasses everything we stand for. We’ve taken the key elements of our previous brand and updated them to feel more contemporary and refined, allowing us to really visualise the mantra we live and breathe every single day- Comms For The Bold. The Brave. The Beautiful.

Check out the new look

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