What helps to make a house a home? You already know the answer: attention to detail. It’s also what differentiates good PR strategy from great PR strategy. And as experts in PR for the interiors,  homewares and design sector, we know what questions to ask.

A lot of PR simply goes through the motions. It’s unlikely to get the results you crave. We learn the intricacies of the design and manufacturing processes to build stories that celebrate expertise. We study market challenges and evolving shopping habits to prepare contingency strategies that turn obstacles into opportunities.

We learn and relearn, because knowledge is what allows us to draw real insight rather than mere observations. It’s part of an approach to PR that brings you clarity, insight and – yes – attention to detail.

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How can we help?

We represent companies who understand the way in which great design defines their businesses; whether it is through designer collaborations, products which demonstrate good design, or services which raise the bar through the imaginative use of smart design .

From the best of British to artisan makers, we have a proven record in launching, positioning, profile building and product placement, resulting in campaigns our clients really love.

Your attention to detail creates products that your customers love. Allow us to give you the same treatment.

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