In February 2024, Fox Collective worked with aesthetic client The Perfect Peel to host their first PR event for UK media. Since launching The Perfect Peel in the UK in 2014, distributor Medica Forte has expanded their portfolio with The Perfect Peel Superblend and Glutaceuticals® skincare and were keen to grow brand recognition and foster consumer loyalty.

The brand’s treatments and skincare feature key ingredient glutathione, hailed as ‘the new retinol’ for its resurfacing and brightening effects. “Glutathione’s anti-inflammatory properties improve red spots, rough patches, and acne, while also reversing melanin’s metabolism to brighten dark pigmentation and address skin issues at their source” says Kelly Saynor, Aesthetic nurse, and owner of The Perfect Peel.

To introduce the power of The Perfect Peel and the Glutaceuticals® range to the UK media, FOX Collective hosted a ‘Glutathione Glow-Up’ day at L’Atelier Aesthetics in Marylebone. Attendees were invited to receive a 1-2-1 with Kelly Saynor, and to conclude their experience, guests received a glutathione IV drip to enhance their holistic wellbeing.

“My skin is feeling incredible! The Glutaceuticals 5-a-Day moisturiser is insane, one of the best I’ve used in years! Can’t wait to make some amazing content.”



Overall, 12 top-tier press and influencer guests within the beauty and wellness space were in attendance, boasting a combined influencer following of 1,638,300 and a combined press circulation of 737,391. We successfully landed 24 pieces of event coverage and look forward to nurturing the brand relationship further with all guests.