You’re going for it. You’re launching a vegan brand. And you’re as keen as custard (made with soy milk, obviously) for the media to fanfare – no, foghorn – your arrival to the market. Here’s a quintet of tips for promoting a vegan beauty brand to the press.

1. Start with the problem

When you are promoting a product to the press (or anyone, for that matter), a good starting point is to zero in on the problem that your product solves. Problems make ideas happen. Problems are the seedbed in which innovation and creativity bloom. Problems are something to celebrate. And if enough people share the problem that is solved by your product, you may well have a viable business – and a viable narrative for promoting it to the press.

2. Know your brand

Before approaching the media, you must furnish yourself with a rock-solid knowledge of what your brand stands for. Clarity of purpose is compelling. Especially when you are pitching to the press. It gives journalists hooks to a hang a story from. And it makes it easy for consumers to contextualise your place – and understand your value – in a beauty market where a fresh lather of volumized competition arrives by the week.

3. Write a decent press release   

If you’ve nailed the two steps above, writing an imaginative and attention-stealing press release will be far simpler. Oh and remember to write with conviction. If you don’t sound convinced, you can’t expect the same of a journalist.

4. Find your vegan platforms…

Securing press coverage isn’t all about getting on the front page of the redtops. Sometimes an article on the right blog can be far more effective than a piece in a national newspaper. So before you target traditional media outlets, narrow your focus to the best vegan platforms. They’re easily found via social media when you search for the right hashtags. And while we’re talking social media, put in the leg work to build your tribe. When you’re demonstrably putting in the effort to nurture your crowd, you become a far more legit media proposition.

5. Think beyond vegan

Don’t stop with vegan platforms in your pursuit of media coverage. Cast a wide net. And remember: you don’t have to be a devout vegan to be interested in purchasing vegan products. Some people simply want to lessen their ecological impact and be a little greener. So don’t limit your target audience to just committed vegans.

Likewise it’s important to think bigger than the vegan aspects of your product. Vegan or otherwise, most consumers are – rightly – fussy about beauty products. For example, there aren’t many people who will buy a lipstick just because its vegan. Functional qualities like pigmentation and staying power are crucial. Don’t forget the primary purpose of your product.

Let’s get you out there…

You know your purpose. You believe in your product. But telling your story in a way that makes the press pay attention is difficult. We are dab hands in beauty and wellness PR. And we come equipped with a weighty diary of media contacts. Take a look at how we can get your brand out there.