In March 2024, we worked with the team at Hydrafacial to host the inaugural ‘Hydrafacial Retreat’. Nine journalists from top-tier publications were invited for an immersive brand experience, to learn more about Hydrafacial and experience the coveted treatment in a luxury, elevated spa setting.

The retreat began with a relaxing yoga class and healthy refreshments, followed by free time for guests to unwind and enjoy the spa facilities. Later that evening, guests were transported in ride-on buggies to pre-dinner branded cocktails, where they learnt more about the brand story and upcoming launches. Dinner was then served, before guests retreated to their rooms for the evening. The next morning, guests headed to the spa for their bespoke Hydrafacial with their chosen booster of choice.

Personal touches were included for all guests, including room drops with personalised embroidered dressing gowns, silk pillowcases, and their own branded yoga mat to take home.

“Thank you so much for the most WONDERFUL press night. It was so well organised, interesting, and totally luxurious. I loved every minute!”

Country & Townhouse


With attendees from Vogue, Red, and several other luxury publications, all guests shared the experience on their respective social media pages – with a reach of 93,000 from their content. A dedicated article on Hydrafacial was published on ELLE following the retreat, showcasing the strong positive correlation between immersive brand experiences and the generation of brand coverage.