Building the leading bridal
footwear brand

Vamp. Backstay. Feather. Building buzz starts with understanding the detail. Our fashion team helped reshape perspectives from the sole up, honed through years of hands-on experience with high street and designer labels.

Curating an elevated
brand vision

Brides have been saying 'I Do' in Rainbow Club for more than 30 years. But heritage holds no value without a compelling future narrative. Cue a new brand vision – backed up with a stand out campaign- tailored to cater for life's special moments, when not just any shoe will do.

Growing a community of
footwear fans

Fashion moves fast. Consumers can be fickle. When loyalty wanes and trends vanish in an instant, brands must rediscover their essence to thrive. Our talent team have helped Rainbow Club go beyond 'aisle style' with bold collaborations that challenge perceptions and spark fresh fashion chatter.

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