A Plankbridge shepherd’s hut has always balanced tradition and modernity. With over 500 huts under their belt, the company continues to meet the growing demand for contemporary living spaces whilst retaining the elegance of the traditional shepherd’s hut proportions.

Fox Collective’s work ensures Plankbridge is innovatively positioned with customers as the market leader. Our national press coverage showcases the many and varied uses of Plankbridge huts and cabins (we’ll take a portable yoga studio, please) and pitches real huts with the ‘wow’ factor.

Sometimes you just need to hunker down. Our programme of hut visits means that journalists and influencers get to experience ‘cabin fever’ first hand, via a network of Plankbridge partners who also benefit from the reciprocal coverage. Events such as the celebrated Chelsea Flower and collaborations with The Famous Five and RHS ensure the brand continues to delight the most exacting of ‘posh shed’ sybarites.

Services Used:

  • Media relations
  • Influencer marketing
  • Event management

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