The 5000-year-old practice of yoga isn’t immune to the gravitational pull of the wellness industry. From Chroma (using light therapy) to Doga (downward dog with your canine friend), the practice continues to shapeshift to attract new students. 

And while fads can be fun, the founders of Kaliyoga wanted to inspire millennials with a purer form of authentic yoga instruction. Tapping in to our influencer network and wellbeing data, Fox Collective devised travel PR campaign in the form of a 3-day retreat with the Kaliyoga team to help guests do the one thing that six in ten of their 18-34-year-old peers struggle to do: relax.

Designed to inspire curiosity and bring peace of mind, the retreat combined the healing powers of plant-based nutrition, therapeutic treatments, guided meditation, food workshops and activities in nature. Our ten millennial influencers became glued to their yoga mats instead of their phones and left ready to inspire their 1.5m followers with Kaliyoga’s life affirming mantra.

Services used:

  • Creative consultancy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Event management

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