Ever since intrepid explorer Paul Sperry dreamt of inventing shoes that would stop him falling off his yacht, deck shoes have been considered one of best examples of function-meets-form footwear. More than 80 years on, deck shoe afficionados Chatham commissioned us to help ensure their summer collection didn’t sink out of view with the next generation of fashion tastemakers.

Our solution? A fashion PR campaign sending ten influencers on a trip to the world’s oldest sailing regatta, Cowes, to test the style and wearability of the new collection, both on and off-deck. Activity was seeded throughout August with ship-to-shore style guides, social media takeovers and ‘meet the maker’ stories showcasing the craftsmanship involved in making a pair of hand-finished Chatham deck shoes.

The Cowes finale didn’t disappoint. With a programme that included Rib racing and rum tasting, the deck shoes were put through their paces and given a new nautical look that helped reposition the brand with younger consumers.

Services Used:

  • Creative consultancy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Event management
  • Social media management

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