Choosing the right location for your photoshoot can make or break your campaign. Here are some tips on getting it right.

From the moor to the shore; urban cityscapes to chocolate-box villages, the UK is uniquely well endowed when it comes to outdoor scenery. But having selected your model, how do you decide on the location that’s right for your brand, your product and your campaign?

Here are some tips.

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Match location to the theme of your shoot

Remember: the ultimate purpose of your shoot is to promote a product and the lifestyle behind it. That has to inform every decision you make regarding choice of location. That’s not to say you can’t be creative. Opting for an unexpected location – something not typically associated with the brand – can make for incredibly powerful, evocative and memorable photography, especially in the world of Fashion PR. Just be prepared to justify how it ties in to the overall message you are trying to communicate.

Plan well. Seriously well

Have you heard of the word reconnoitre? It comes from a French word meaning to explore – and it’s why people say ‘reccie’. Etymological curiosities aside, once you have shortlisted some locations, you’re going to want to scrutinise them ruthlessly for the photo opportunities that are available, the challenges you might encounter and the accessibility of the site. By the day of the shoot, everything should be ready to run like clockwork.

Choose somewhere that gives you flexibility

It’s best to choose a location that gives you flexibility. For example, a beach location can provide wonderful shots. But it’s kind of limiting. If that particular style isn’t working on the day, you’re scuppered. By contrast a farm gives you lots of different angles to work with. Lots of options visually. That’s ideal if you feel your shoot is going stale and you want to inject some fresh energy and focus.

You may need a license

You need to ask permission from whoever owns the land you are using for your photoshoot. You may even need to obtain a license. It’s one of the most important aspects of your shoot. Without permission, the landowner is well within their rights to ask you to stop using your photography. It could even end up in court. That could ruin an expensive photoshoot, even a whole marketing campaign, in an instant. Doing things by the book gives you total creative freedom. Best of all you get peace of mind that you are not going to run into problems down the road.

Choose your photographer carefully

Working outside presents unique challenges when it comes to photography. Not least when it comes to changing lighting conditions. That’s an especially important obstacle to hurdle if, for example, you are shooting in early spring for a summer collection. The lighting must look authentic. Choose a photographer who can meet the challenge.

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